Technology Interests

Do you have a patented, game-changing technology that addresses unmet consumer needs? Do you have patented new materials, ground-breakingmanufacturing processes or novel ways of doing business that can be used to innovate and make our products faster, better or at a lower cost? If your technology relates to one of our interests, we'd like to hear from you. Because it is important for Newell Brands to keep its innovation pipeline full of new products and ideas, we make strategic investments in areas that impact our markets and address our consumers' needs.

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Technologies of Interest
Newell Brands pursues the latest advances for constant process and product improvement. We are currently interested in technology-based solutions in the following areas:

          Accelerated Airflow
          Alternate Energy Sources 
          Cleaning Equipment 
          Energy Efficiency 
          Food-safe Coatings 
          Food Service Equipment 
          Food Storage & Preservation Technologies 
          Functional Coatings 
          Grips & Handles 
          Hand Tools 
          In-line Product Inspection 
          Layout Tools 
          Leverage Mechanisms 
          Material Delivery Systems 
          Material Handling 
          Mechanical Advantage 
          Metalworking (e.g. hardening) 
          Novel Materials 
          Packaging Technologies 
          Paperless Software Solutions 
          Plastic Molding & Shaping 
          Recycling Technologies 
          Refuse Containers 
          RFID Technologies 
          Room Deoderizer Dispensers 
          Sensing Technologies 
          Soap/Lotion Dispensers 
          Strong, Lightweight Materials 
          Sustainable Technologies 
          Utility Knives & Blades 
          Writing Instrument Actuation 
          Writing Instrument Ink Technology 
          Wireless Power Transmission

If you have a patented or published technology in one of these areas of interest, please review the following criteria and complete our “Recommend a Solution” form by clicking below. Please note that:

  • We only accept technology submissions in areas that we have expressed an interest in or have issued a specific technology challenge. We will not consider technology submissions that relate to subject matter that we have not requested (also referred to as ‘unsolicited ideas’).
  • We will only consider using technology if it is patented or if it is patent pending and the application has been published.
  • We can only accept technology submitted by business entities and not by individuals.

Specific Technology Challenges

From time to time, we may post specific technology challenges, and we want to hear your solutions. If you believe that your company or product can solve one or more of our needs, please submit the Recommend a Solution form above. If you have a broad, high-impact technology related to one of the Technologies of Interest, please complete the form as well, since we may consider your submission for business development purposes.

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