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Newell Brands is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all of our business dealings. Our relationship with our suppliers ensures that all businesses have fair and equitable opportunity to participate in any outsourced Newell Brands projects. We are committed to ethical practices that ultimately contribute to our ability to provide innovative, quality products to our consumers and grow our brands.

We invite suppliers to compete for our business, and in return, suppliers can expect a level playing field. We have no hidden factors in evaluating suppliers and submitted proposals – all relevant decision criteria will be spelled out in advance of soliciting a proposal.

Our employees are prohibited from accepting gifts or gratuities from our suppliers. While our rules do allow for limited exceptions for items of nominal value, the offer or acceptance of gifts is inappropriate and discouraged.

Under no circumstances will our employees solicit any gift or gratuity.

Newell Brands reserves the right to reject any and all proposals and does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid for any materials, products or services submitted. Non-acceptance of any proposal will not imply any criticism of or deficiency in any proposal. Non-acceptance will mean that another approach was deemed by Newell Brands to be more advantageous.

Newell Brands Responsible Sourcing Manual

Our Responsible Sourcing Manual and associated processes are in place to allow our partnership with suppliers to be one of fairness and trust. Our program is based upon Newell Brands' Code of Conduct and Vendor Code of Conduct along with the requirements of our customers' Responsible Sourcing standards. Our program is built upon a continuous improvement platform where we utilize our audit as a starting point for driving long-term sustainable improvements with our suppliers. We apply a variety of different trainings with our suppliers that are focused on root cause analysis and supplier development. Our standards for suppliers cover a variety of different issue topics such as: child labor, forced labor, working hours, freedom of association, environmental, health and safety and supply chain security. For more details on our Social Compliance & Supply Chain Security programs to include our assessment program, details on issue topics and program requirements please review our Responsible Sourcing Manual.

In addition to meeting the requirements of Newell Brands’ Vendor Code of Conduct and the requirements for our customers, the Responsible Sourcing Manual and associated processes intend to improve the quality of life of the workers that make the merchandise we supply, comply with legal requirements and global ethical business practices, and insure business processes are in place that comply with the Vendor Code of Conduct

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Vendor Code of Conduct:

California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010

UK Modern Slavery Act Statement

Newell Brands Conflict Minerals Policies

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