Defining what our brands stand for visually

Newell Brands Graphic Design is uniting under the roof of a new state-of-the-art Design Center. Larry Sorrell, Global Director of Graphic Design, is leveraging more than 25 years of retail and luxury experience in corporate and agency creative strategy, design, marketing and brand development and activation roles to lead a team of designers and define what our brands stand for visually.

“We’re responsible for everything about a product that a consumer sees – from the packaging and point of sale to photography and in-store displays,” explains Larry Sorrel, Director of Graphic Design at Newell Brands.

It’s a powerful position.  This team makes our products stand out on stores shelves at the point of decision to entice purchase. 

“Packaging does so much heavy lifting! There can be so many packages for a consumer to choose between on the shelf at that “moment of truth.” And we’ve seen this evolve," Larry said. "Traditionally we focused on the messaging, but consumer insights testing has validated for us that less is more.  And sometimes a simple image can connect emotionally with the consumer more than a string of words."

Making our product stand out requires experts not only in graphic design, but photography, trend awareness and market analysis as well.  It’s this expertise that we bring to the table to partner with our retail customers to create mutual growth for our categories and for our brands.

For example, walk into one of Newell Brands’ customers’ store and look at the point of sale. We’re working to make it appealing and make the consumer want to follow through with purchase. What goes into that experience is nothing short of amazing. We’re partnering regularly with our retail partners to reinvent categories and spaces in-store and online. That means looking at what is trending, and gathering information from Consumer Marketing Insights– before coming up with a plan.

“From there we come up with concepts,” says Sorrel.  “Once the concepts are in place, we shift to finalize and complete design for the stores – this can include floor plans, designs for fixtures, displays, color schemes, surface finishes, imagery and signage and more.”

“The graphic designers’ job is to tell the right story and win share at point of sale by sending a consistent, powerful message about our brands,” says Sorrel.  “We’re doing all of this from Newell Brands’ Design Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan.”

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