Our Purpose

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We touch the lives of millions of consumers around the world every day. With our ability to create, innovate and animate, we are able to turn life’s everyday moments into something special, something exceptional.


Our Ambition
We are building a winning team that can lead our industry for a generation. As a company with a special purpose, we will continually transform into the very best that we can be. We know that growth is the engine that will power us.

Our Principles
Our Principles define who we are. Inspired by our founders, they guide our behaviors and drive our actions as we grow.

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Daring Greatly

We don’t just dare to dream: we dare to act. It comes from our innate desire to find a better way, and success in doing so. Born from big ambition and built with relentless effort, we carry the mindset of a founder to spur our confidence and drive us to reach new heights. We execute every day, without ever taking our eyes off the possibilities. We know that nothing great can be accomplished without courage. That’s why we roll up our sleeves. Test our limits. And dare to be bold in all that we do.

Out Front

We have a constant drive to be industry leaders, and the recipe to stay out front. Individuals are challenged to think big and move quickly, while being backed by the power of the corporation. We give our brands unprecedented resources to out-spend, out-execute and out-grow our competition We give our people the opportunity to dream with the resources and long-term focus to bring those dreams to life. It’s how we push our brands out front.

Own Grown

We believe that in each of us is the drive to grow. To be our best, and to reach our full potential. We look for that desire in our people. Our ambition is to create a company that constantly produces new talent and allows them to grow into their own within a bold, industry leading business agenda. That’s why we empower our people to own the success of our brands. It’s why we reject good enough. Here, curiosity is encouraged. Ambition is rewarded. And, goals are achieved.

At the Heart of Life

Our brands come together in every aspect of people’s daily lives. Wherever they live. Wherever they learn. Whenever they work. However they play. We are there. We touch people in the most meaningful times of life. We’re there for parents from day one. For artists, who make the world a beautiful place. And for every family meal, we’re at the center of the table. We are at the heart of life’s moments that matter most. Because we put consumers – people – at the heart of our business.