Our Strategy

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Who We Are

Newell Brands products are found in more than 90 percent of U.S. households, with 79 percent of our sales coming from brands that are #1 or #2 in their categories. Our top ten markets generate more than 90 percent of our total sales and are home to more than 1.1 billion consumers. With 30,000 employees globally, we’re committed to creating moments of joy and peace of mind for our consumers with our planet friendly, innovative and attractive products.

Our Go-To-Market Approach

Newell Brands’ Go-To-Market is based on a framework of principles and practices, known as Newell’s 5 Cs.

Newell’s 5 Cs

Culture of Winning

Our people are collaborative, resilient and passionate and the driving force of our success. We employ a world-class leadership team with years of experience leading global consumer products companies. Teamwork, inclusivity and belonging are fostered at every level at Newell as we identify and create solutions and products that our consumers will love.

Consumer First

Our consumers are at the heart of everything we do. Every business decision is laser focused on the consumer first mindset. We leverage advanced consumer insights to continuously meet the needs of our consumers which translates to a greater impact in the marketplace. Our history is deeply rooted in entrepreneurship and innovation and we strive to make our iconic brands relevant for today’s consumer.

Customer Collaboration

We view our relationships with our customers as trusted partnerships based on integrity, transparency and the highest ethical and legal compliance standards. We continue to work towards renowned customer collaboration to meet our retail customers’ needs through joint business planning, consumer insights, fulfillment accuracy and excellent customer service and have a number of initiatives in progress to make it easier for customers to do business with us.

Channel Management

We’re enhancing our digital strategy to achieve a competitive advantage in eCommerce and social marketing. Our goal is to become a truly digital-first company by improving the overall digital IQ of the businesses and accelerate enhanced omnichannel capabilities across the company. We know that we must have a digital-first mindset and provide our consumers with brilliant brand experiences wherever, whenever and however they choose to shop.

Continuous Improvement & Innovation

Sustainable innovation and forward-thinking products solutions led by consumer insights empower us to design products that delight our consumers. We prioritize supply chain productivity, so we are responsive through a business unit-led approach that fosters greater alignment and connectedness. Our commitment to continuous improvement extends to acting responsibly as a company and in our partnerships with our suppliers and their people. We support our suppliers through training and engagement on responsible sourcing and respect for human rights within our operations.