Center the Mind & Body with Chesapeake Bay Candle’s New Essential Oils and Diffusers

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Invigorate your home with this all-new product line.

Known for its nature-inspired fragrances with gender-neutral design, Chesapeake Bay Candle has developed a line of 100% pure and natural essential oils and diffusers to its Mind & Body collection. The new line, an expansion of the collection first introduced in 2015, further progresses Chesapeake Bay Candle’s evolution into a wellness and lifestyle brand.

“More than 3 years ago, we premiered the Mind & Body Collection offering home fragrances infused with natural essential oils”, said Mei Xu, co-founder of Chesapeake Bay Candle. “Since then, we have seen the demand for home scent products made with pure and natural ingredients only grow. Essential oils are an excellent option for wellness minded consumers who may be looking for aromatherapy benefits."

A range of 12 essential oils—combined with the diffuser’s ultrasonic technology—offers mood-enhancing aromatherapy benefits designed for different states of mind including happiness, calmness, awaken and more, allowing users to customize their relaxation experience and transform their homes into their own personal wellness escapes.

Learn more about how you can center your mind and body with Chesapeake Bay Candle’s new essential oils and diffusers here.

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