Newell Brands recently hosted a philanthropy outreach event for E-School For Girls, an educational nonprofit and two week entrepreneurial program for underprivileged high school women.

Led by Ecommerce Intern, Oliver Horjus, the event featured five Newell leaders who shared inspiring insight and perspectives.

I forged my own path.
Kacie McKee, Director, Ecommerce Strategy

Kacie started in marketing communications with the Baby business, then joined the Ecommerce team as one of its first employees. This transition enabled Kacie to define her own role and take advantage of exciting new opportunities so she could grow as a leader. Ultimately the risk paid off and changed her perspective on how she can build her career through an unconventional path.

Focus means breaking the rules sometimes.
Jinal Shah, Vice President, Demand Creation

According to Jinal, making mistakes and breaking the rules can be important in making progress and achieving innovation. Jinal compared her mentality with our company’s transformation and rapid “start-up-like” progress.

Be curious and seek advice!
Sujata Dantiki, Manager, Ecommerce Strategy

Sujata’s shared the importance of proactive self-improvement through mentorship, and conveyed how all leaders and intrapreneurs need constructive guidance throughout their careers.

Get out of your comfort zone. It can lead to a brighter future.
Katie Shimmin, Senior Graphic Designer, Design & Ideation

Katie spoke about her journey from high school to Newell Brands – and how her dynamic journey meant taking risks, being uncomfortable at times and fueling energy into positive outlets.

My entire career has been built on being different.
Sonny Caberwal, CEO of Bond and Head of Digital Business Development

Sonny’s diverse experiences of daring greatly from starting an all-inclusive social organization at Duke University to drumming in a R&B band during law school to being the world’s first Sikh fashion supermodel. But his inspiring career path is not about him being special - it’s about him seizing opportunities that embrace his differences – a mentality he brings to business every day.

All five leaders stand out in different ways - sharing inspirational stories that shed light on what it means to work at Newell Brands -- and lead within it.

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