We are Thinkers: E-Commerce Intern Embraces Intrapreneurship

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Oliver Horjus - Newell Brands Intern
Newell Brands Intern Leads Philanthropic Event with E-School for Girls

Leadership is everywhere at Newell Brands. It’s woven in our entrepreneurial DNA and demonstrated through the actions of our employees - from senior executives to interns and everyone in between. It thrives in the initiatives we embrace – those like the recent E-School for Girls office visit led by Newell Brands intern, Oliver Horjus.

When he’s not innovating with our Ecommerce Division as a year round part-time Strategy Intern, Oliver is a double major in Finance and Operations Management at New York University (NYU) Stern School of Business. As president of Stern Cares, Oliver leads the student service club that promotes social responsibility within the NYU community and provides students with community service opportunities.

Additionally, Oliver volunteers as a Program and Business Development Intern with E-School for Girls, a non-profit organization and two-week summer program at NYU designed to empower high school women in becoming confident leaders and entrepreneurs.

Having started his internship one month after we became Newell Brands, Oliver has experienced our growth and transformation firsthand which has empowered him to embrace entrepreneurism within Newell’s macro environment, otherwise known as intrepreneurship.

During my time at Newell Brands, I have been lucky enough to witness a massive company transformation, which would have taken other businesses much longer to achieve.
Oliver Horjus, Strategy Intern

I greatly attribute this to the entrepreneurial minds that work in this company in addition to the strong leadership of the executive teams,” said Oliver. “It’s my goal to embrace intrapreneurship as an intern just like Newell has embraced entrepreneurship as a company.”

So exactly how did Oliver embrace intrepreneurship? By combining his growth experience at Newell Brands with his passion for philanthropy by leading a Hoboken office visit for E-School for Girls on Thursday, July 20. The visit was designed to expose the high school women to companies like Newell that value employees with diverse backgrounds.

“Since large corporations are often criticized for being slow-moving and quite literally the opposite of entrepreneurial, I wanted to show the students who participate with E-School (Entrepreneurship School) that this isn’t always the case. Newell Brands is the perfect example of that,” Oliver added.

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