Technology Assets


Like other companies with manufacturing operations, Newell Brands owns a sizeable portfolio of patents. We welcome the opportunity to connect with others to effectively leverage our intellectual capital for collaborative business propositions. Some of our best-selling products include components that have been brought to market thorough a broad range of business arrangements such as asset licensing, cooperative development and acquisition.

Why Do Business With Us?

We believe in generating synergy and allowing companies to work together to maximize their combined impact. The alliances we make are just as important to us as they are to you, so we only engage in efforts that leverage the complementary strengths of both companies.

Technology Interests

Do you have a patented, game-changing technology that addresses unmet consumer needs? Do you have patented or published new materials, ground-breaking manufacturing processes or novel ways of doing business that can be used to innovate and make products faster, better or at a lower cost? If your technology is related to one of our interests, we’d like to hear from you. More…

Available Technology Assets

Do you believe that Newell Brands could have a solution to your technical problem? Do you have a manufacturing need that Newell Brands’ processes or products can make more effective or efficient? We’d like to hear from you. More…