Environmental Sustainability 

Our commitment to operating with excellence includes manufacturing, distributing and transporting our products efficiently. In addition to benefiting our customers and consumers, our efforts help reduce emissions, energy and waste. 

Building Lower-Carbon Operations and Reducing Emissions

Given our significant manufacturing footprint, Scope 1 and 2 emissions, those that result directly from our operations and the energy we purchase, are our primary focus. We continue to work toward achieving carbon neutrality by 2040 for all Scope 1 and 2 emissions across our global portfolio at all manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, retail stores and office sites. Over the past three years, we have exceeded our 30 percent reduction goal for our manufacturing-related Scope 1 and 2 emissions. 

Renewable Energy 

Lasting reductions in manufacturing emissions will come from transitioning the types of energy we use and making our processes more energy efficient. For example, our Reynolds® Pens facility in Chennai, India, completed installation of its rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) grid in 2023. The plant now has 662 kW capacity, supporting 28 percent of its overall power demand, saving 322 metric tons of CO2 equivalent annually and over $115,000 in annual energy costs. 

This project complements solar photovoltaic (PV) arrays in other parts of the world, including installations at our Outdoor & Recreation distribution center in Hungen, Germany and our Fradley Distribution Center in the United Kingdom. While we’re harnessing the benefits of solar power in certain locations, we are leveraging cool outdoor temperatures in others. At our Writing manufacturing facility in Maryville, TN, we use an air conditioning approach known as free cooling. This technique lowers air temperature using naturally cool air or water and is more energy-efficient than mechanical refrigeration. 

Sustainability on the Road 

We work with multiple logistics partners to transport our products from distribution centers to our retail partners. Since 2015, we have used the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership to help us measure, benchmark and improve freight transportation efficiency with emissions accounting methodologies and tools. Over the past two years, we exceeded our goal to use SmartWay-approved carriers for over 90 percent of the total ton-miles traveled in the U.S. to transport our products.  

Sustainability Goals & Progress



2023 Progress

Reduce cumulative operational GHG emissions by 30 percent by 2025 (2016 baseline)


38% cumulative

Divert 90% of manufacturing waste from landfills.


66% globally

90% of ton-miles traveled in the U.S. with SmartWay certified-transporters


96% U.S.

Shift 30% of our global manufacturing sites electricity to renewable sources by 2030


18% cumulative

Environmental Compliance

We incorporate best practices for environmental compliance across our organization. Each facility has an Environmental Champion who coordinates and maintains a local compliance program. We conduct audits, collect self-assessments and perform other checks on compliance throughout the year. We also take responsibility for environmental remediation obligations resulting from spills or other incidents. More information about our environmental compliance practices and our remediation projects can be found in our 2023 10-K. 

Promoting Safety on the Job

Employee safety is a top priority at Newell Brands. Over the past year, we maintained the programs that have allowed us to achieve a world-class safety record while deepening our training program to address the safety risks and opportunities in Newell’s frontline locations.  

Our Safety Excellence and Leadership (SEAL) program supports our goal of zero injuries, zero unsafe conditions and zero unsafe behaviors by helping our sites build consistent, reliable safety programs and educating team members on safety policies. Each site undergoes a formal annual review of its compliance with SEAL guidelines. 

While our safety standards apply enterprise-wide, our sites also take ownership of continuous safety improvement locally. Each has a dedicated safety committee that conducts employee training, including new hires and individuals performing specific tasks through monthly training topics.  

Beyond the steps we take to promote safe individual and team behaviors, Newell’s Global Security team uses physical measures, procedures, employee training, and threat intelligence monitoring to make our work environments as secure and safe as possible. We use industry-recognized technology to secure our facilities, with centrally monitored and supported systems and regularly assess sites for vulnerabilities.