In 2021, Rubbermaid Commercial Products®, part of Newell Brands' Commercial Business, partnered with Kids In Need Foundation (KINF), an education-focused nonprofit, and Good360, a disaster relief-focused nonprofit organization, to donate and distribute nearly one million hand sanitizer bottles and 50,000 other commercial-grade products like foodservice pans and refuse containers. Through these partnerships, products reached 41 different locations and areas of need, spanning from local public schools to FEMA disaster relief efforts across North America.

As part of the RCP team’s Back to Clean campaign, an initiative to promote a clean re-start of in-person educational programs, RCP teamed up with KINF to identify under-resourced teachers and schools across the country in need of critical school supplies, including hand sanitizer. More than 270,000 hand sanitizer bottles were delivered across 11 locations.

In response to recent natural disasters across the country, RCP partnered with Good360 to identify organizations in need of support. More than 700,000 hand sanitizer bottles and 50,000 other commercial products were delivered to 30 locations.

In 2022, the RCP team looks forward to continuing to support our nonprofit partners and helping communities in need through product donations.