At Newell Brands, we place great importance on the power of data and its ability to help us make informed decisions, derive high-quality insights and better serve our consumers. In October, our Data and Analytics teams hosted their inaugural Data & Analytics Week, five days of optional in-person and virtual training sessions for all employees. The programming emphasized the power of data and how Newell Brands is harnessing it to win in the marketplace.

Data & Analytics Week convened employees from 27 countries across 20 functions, including Analytics, Procurement, Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, Finance, IT and more. With 50 presenters and 40 unique presentations, the week resulted in over 200 hours of training content. Session topics included “Demystifying AI,” “Analyzing Performance on the Digital Shelf,” “Data Privacy and Ethics,” and “Measuring Business Value for Data Governance,” among others. Employees also competed in a social coding event that brought programmers together to build or improve software programs and promote innovative solutions.

When asked to describe Data & Analytics Week in one word, attendees said “educational,” “engaging,” “collaborative,” and more. We congratulate our Data and Analytics teams on the successful event and thank them for sharing their passion for data and how it can be used to drive impact at Newell Brands.