In 1884, we lived in a world where gasoline powered automobiles, the radio and even paper clips didn’t exist. However, the year was marked by one very special occasion: the creation of the Ball® Jar!

Fast forward 135 years, Ball® Jar products have made their way into the homes of DIYers, gardeners and home chefs alike, bringing more freshness, flavor and fun to kitchens along the way.

In celebration of this milestone, Ball® Fresh Preserving has introduced a series of innovations that will bring consumers’ canning experiences to the next level.

Please welcome to the Ball® Fresh Preserving family:

  • Collector's Edition Ball® Aqua Vintage Jars that are designed with the aesthetics of the past. The rounded shoulders, aqua color and Ball® logo date back to usage from 1910-1923

  • The Ball® Preserving Starter Kit , which is an all-in-one solution designed for first time canners that includes all the essential tools for easy preserving

  • Ball® Leak-Proof Storage Lids that are perfect for anyone who loves using Ball® Jars for carrying food and drinks on-the-go. The lids are also freezer safe for jams, sauces and soups, and the airtight seal is perfect for storing herbs and spices

  • The Ball® Utensil Set , which is a convenient solution for the existing canner who is looking for replacement utensils

Whether you have a favorite or want them all, pick yours up today while we’re in the peak of canning season!

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