In honor of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AAPI), we're sharing booklists that educate and celebrate AAPI history and culture recommended by Newell Brands Charitable Foundation partner, Teaching for Change (TfC).

TfC equips teachers and parents with the tools to help students learn to read, write and change the world. By drawing direct connections to real-world issues, TfC encourages teachers and students to think critically about the world inside and outside their classrooms, build a more equitable, multicultural society and become active global citizens. 

TfC’s May booklists feature prominent historical figures, pop culture icons and significant historical events along with fictional stories about the Asian American experience and books written by AAPI authors.

For recommendations for any grade level, check out these lists:

Since 2020, The Newell Brands Charitable Foundation has partnered with TfC to support their work in vetting and promoting social justice books for children and adults. Through this partnership, we’ve been able to share their resources with our employees and celebrate their work during heritage and affinity months. We are grateful for partners like TfC that provide education around diversity and inclusion across all cultures. We encourage you to take advantage of TfC's reading recommendations this AAPI Heritage Month and beyond.