Elmer's® recently announced their new digital inspiration hub, Elmer’s Creations, which introduces kids and families to activities that use Elmer's Glue as a key ingredient. Each Creation includes a list of necessary supplies and instructions to complete the craft while also encouraging kids to add their own flair with unique colors and designs. This new digital hub was inspired by parents' desire for more hands-on, sensory learning opportunities for their children. In a survey conducted by OnePoll and commissioned by Elmer's, a poll of 2,000 parents in the U.S. found that 96 percent of participants believe hands-on or sensory play is an important part of their child's brain development.

The Elmer’s team held an exciting and immersive event at the Sloomoo Institute in New York City to launch the platform. The event celebrated sensory activities, featuring four exciting Creations: Window Clingies, a DIY nail bar with Peelable Polish, Watercolor Salt Art, and Mellow Mallow. Influencers, bloggers, reporters and their children were all invited to dive into the world of Elmer's Creations by participating in the crafts and activities. 

The event was made even more memorable with a visit from Elmer’s mascot, Elmer the Bull. He joined in the fun, posing for pictures with attendees and even trying his hand at the Sloomoo Institute’s DIY Slime Bar.

The event concluded with a special appearance by Kate Bast (pictured below), an influencer who shares parenting and craft ideas with over 500,000 followers. Kate spoke about the importance of sensory play for children and her experience with keeping little ones entertained.

Check out the Elmer’s Creations hub today to get inspired!