With widespread popularity, both kids and adults alike have dived into the world of slime and its powers of rejuvenation and relaxation. From social media communities to slime conventions, the world of slime has become a viral phenomenon. It’s allowing people to fulfill jobs such as top influencers called “slimers” and also has been found to aid in positive mental health.


Sloomoo Institute recently opened in New York’s Soho neighborhood, a pop-up they describe as “a sensory playground centered around slime”. It will be open for 6 months and travel to another city next. Visitors can interact with slime, whose primary ingredient is biodegradable Elmer’s glue in its most basic form. Elmer’s provided all of the glue for the exhibit.


The pop-up has numerous interactive touch points, including a slime waterfall, a DIY bar, a nook with an EEG machine to show your brain on slime, a glow-in-the-dark cove and an ASMR tunnel for slime’s visual and auditory qualities.

The Institute also cited Rubbermaid containers as the best containers for slime inflation on their social media channels.

For more information on The Sloomoo Institute’s Celebration of Slime Pop-up, or to get tickets, visit https://sloomooinstitute.com/.

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