Our frontline employees are an important part of our talent base. We support them through competitive pay and benefits, robust training and development programs that up-level their skills and allow them to grow as professionals and strict standards and protocols to keep them safe on the job.

Since 2018, our Planning, Engagement, Achievement and Knowledge (PEAK) program has been one of our most important programs to engage our frontline employees and train them to build a culture of operational excellence. PEAK provides employees with the skills, training, and tools to solve problems and eliminate waste. PEAK has contributed to quality defect reduction, decreased safety incidents and improved employee engagement. Since its inception, we have implemented PEAK in 34 locations with plans to reach more than 40 next year as it expands to areas outside of manufacturing and distribution.

In 2023, we launched a targeted learning system called the Catalyst Learning Series. The 22-week program provides high-potential frontline supervisors and hourly leaders with leadership development and personal growth opportunities tied to our values. The training is delivered through in-person and virtual sessions with modules focused on emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, team building and coaching. In its inaugural year, 100 frontline employees participated in the program, and we plan to increase the number of participants in 2024.

We also piloted the THRIVE Mentoring Program in the U.S., which will provide global Supply Chain employees with growth and development opportunities through mentoring. The program builds connections, empowers employee success and promotes a learning culture. The pilot brought together 22 mentor-mentee pairs and will expand globally in 2024. We also offer a technical training program that covers the basics of electricity and electronics, mechanics, control systems, general maintenance troubleshooting and safety. This year, 152 employees representing 21 North American sites visited our Writing manufacturing facility in Maryville, TN, to gain hands-on technical skills experience. Twenty-three three-to-five-day courses were offered, including Electrical Control Systems, Mechanical Systems, Robotics Operations, Automated Machine Controls Troubleshooting, Injection Molding Fundamentals, and more.

To learn more about how we support our frontline community, read our 2023 Corporate Citizenship Report.