The Oster® brand dates to 1924 when John Oster and his associates established the John Oster Manufacturing Company and marketed a hand-operated hair clipper. By 1928, the company introduced the first portable, motor-driven electric clipper. Over the next decade, the successful company expanded its product line to include other personal care items. In 1946, Mr. Oster diversified from barber equipment to small electrical appliances with the purchase of Stevens Electric Company which had invented the liquefier blender. Soon after the acquisition, the first Osterizer Blender was introduced, and the Oster brand has since become a symbol of quality and style in the appliance and food preparation industry.

While the brand started in the United States, it has had tremendous success in Latin America. The Osterizer blender has been the leader in blending in the region since its introduction in the 1950s. Given its success, Oster expanded its reach with mixers, waffle makers and juice extractors. The brand found unique ways to connect with consumers and build brand affinity as one of the first appliance brands to introduce product demonstrations in the region.

In 1977, the Oster Kitchen Center launched, an all-in-one appliance that included blending, processing, juicing and meat grinder. The product was a success and is still present in many Latin American homes today.

Strong equity in blending provided the opportunity to expand and invest in other categories like cooking, coffee, home environment and garment care. In 2009, Oster launched the first rice cooker with the “sofrito” function that allows users to sauté ingredients in the same pot they prepare the rice. This was a groundbreaking innovation in Latin America as no other rice cooker offered this feature. Another Oster innovation for the market was the Oster Prima Latte™, an automatic milk-based coffee maker that prepares cappuccino, latte and espresso at the touch of a button.

To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Oster Classic Blender in 2021, the brand launched a limited-edition blender which includes a commemorative plaque, a vintage design and all the features of the classic blender.

Today, Oster is among the best known and perceived small appliance brands in Latin America*.

Oster has lead market share in Latin America because of the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality products that are built to last and listening to consumer insights in developing new products and innovations.

A beloved brand that is recognized by many generations in Latin America, Oster is an icon in the market’s food culture.

* Source: Brand Perceptor. Blenders data. IPSOS. Q4 2017. Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Brazil.