At Newell Brands, our unparalleled curiosity about the world around us enables us to innovate for the future and provide our consumers and customers with beloved products and trusted solutions. Our R&D teams, including engineers across the company, play a critical role in this work. We recently asked some of our female engineers to share what excites them about their jobs.

  • Vina Le, a Packaging Engineer in Learning & Development, develops packaging solutions for our writing brands. As an artist, she loves working on products she can use for her hobbies. She shared, “Engineering allows you to problem-solve in ways that require a more technical and logistical approach. For me, that was how my brain worked best, so I aspire to apply this analytical approach not only in my daily work schedule but also in my personal life.”

  • Rachel Holt, Senior Product Engineer for our baby brands, works with a cross-functional team to “take a product from an idea on a sticky note to what consumers see on the shelf,” such as the Baby Jogger® city suite™ Multi-Level Playard, her favorite project. She believes that building a strong relationship with a new supplier and her team’s collective passion led to the development of this innovative product, providing a comfortable, safe space for infants and toddlers to rest and play.

  • Courtney Pratt, Associate Design Engineer for our writing brands, has been innovating since childhood. She shared, “I think I realized I wanted to be an engineer in third grade after my team won first place for building the tallest and strongest spaghetti and marshmallow tower. While I’m pretty sure that at eight years old, I didn’t go around telling people that I wanted to be a design engineer when I grew up, it was at that moment that I realized I loved being able to sketch out an idea and then use my love for designing and building things to see it come together in real life."

In addition to supporting our talented engineers at work, we’re proud to partner with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and their local chapters, like the one at Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, GA, through financial support, engineering showcases, educational curriculum and networking events for students.

As one of Forbes’ Best Employers for Women in 2023, we’re committed to providing an inclusive and supportive work environment for all of our female employees, and we’re proud that passionate engineers like Vina, Rachel and Courtney have chosen to share their talent at Newell Brands.

Watch the video below to hear from more of our female engineers!

Women in Engineering at Newell Brands