Developed by taking a close look at global trends and drawing from the popular mindset of simplification and the ideals of unplugging and starting fresh, Awaken features notes of driftwood and amber mixed into a unique, crystalline mineral fragrance. The 2020 Yankee Candle Scent of the Year was created to be entirely unique, responding to the customer's yearning to be in the present, to embrace simplicity and transparency, and search for items with true authenticity to bring into their worlds.

"We've learned through our research for Scent of the Year that there is a significant cultural shift away from always wanting more: more options, more communication, more material clutter. Increasingly, people want to simplify their lives, unplug from the constant chatter of technology, and reconnect with themselves and with those they care about," says Anna Whitton, vice president of marketing, The Yankee Candle Company. "Consumers are seeking out meaningful experiences that bring them a greater sense of self."

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