As National Hispanic Heritage Month comes to a close, we are proud to highlight the leadership of Newell’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) for Hispanic and Latinx employees and allies, HOLA, who led a robust month of programming and content for Newell employees around the world.

Throughout the month, which ran from September 15 through October 15, HOLA engaged employees in a diverse set of activities, including internal and external guest speakers, volunteer projects, virtual Salsa dancing classes and interactive cooking lessons. The ERG also hosted an engaging discussion forum called “Who is Hispanic?” which challenged attendees to consider what makes a person Hispanic and to consider how that thinking can be widened to be more inclusive. HOLA also created a special Spotify playlist for members and allies to enjoy in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

One of the month’s highlights was a video series spearheaded by HOLA which featured members from different geographies talking about their experiences and cultures.

Finally, members of HOLA helped The Newell Brands Charitable Foundation to identify a new nonprofit partner, the Hispanic Heritage Foundation , an organization known for its year-round programs, including LOFT , an award-winning leadership and workforce development program. The Newell Brands Charitable Foundation’s contribution to the Hispanic Heritage Foundation will help them in achieving their mission to identify, inspire, prepare and connect Latinx Leaders in the community, classroom and workforce to meet America’s priorities. We are proud to continue supporting organizations who are building more diverse and inclusive communities.

And it is through the leadership and commitment of our employees, including members of HOLA, that Newell affirms our steadfast commitment to being a diverse and inclusive company where everyone feels a sense of belonging.