In addition to creating planet friendly products, Newell Brands aims to reduce the environmental impact of the packaging in which our products are shipped and sold. An essential element of our packaging sustainability approach is choosing materials selectively and seeking opportunities to minimize their impact without compromising quality.

We are committed to seizing every opportunity to reduce or avoid packaging, and where packaging is necessary, we prioritize formats and materials that are most sustainable such as recycled plastics and sustainable fibers. We also encourage responsible disposal by designing packaging for recyclability and promoting consumer education using How2Recycle and On-Pack Recycling packaging labels.

In 2019, we set two packaging goals for 2025 that guide our work:

  • Eliminate the use of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) in all packaging.

  • Source 100 percent of our direct-sourced paper-based packaging from certified, verified or recycled sources.

In furtherance of our commitment to packaging sustainability, we announced in our 2021 Corporate Citizenship Report, a new packaging goal for 2025:

  • Use at least 20% non-virgin (recycled content) in plastic packaging for Newell manufactured goods.

With a portfolio of products found in millions of households around the world, we embrace opportunities to bring sustainable solutions to everyday life and we’re proud of our recent sustainable packaging accomplishments across our brands and Business Units, including:

  • Writing brands in the Czech Republic and France eliminated PVC blisters for 100 percent of SKUs, replacing them with PET blisters. In Europe, all Pure Glue glue sticks come in plastic-free packaging and all Elmer’s glue bottles are fully recyclable.

  • Contigo replaced 25 plastic sleeves on hydration and thermal ranges with paper wraps made from sustainably sourced fibers.

  • Spontex replaced plastic foil packaging with certified paperboard for the PU sponge scourer range sold in the UK. Spontex sources 100 percent of corrugated cardboard from sustainably managed forests or recycled materials for products made in European factories.

We invite you to learn more about our sustainable packaging goals and progress: