Some designers use paint brushes, for others it’s colored pencils. For Jason Wu, it’s Sharpie markers.

Wu, whose inspired designs have catapulted his career at the young age of 35, has religiously relied on Sharpie markers to assist in his creative process.

“It’s important for me to always have a Sharpie and notebook on me because I jot down ideas. You never really know when inspiration hits.” Jason Wu

Wu, who is known for his couture designs, has dressed some of the world’s most influential women, including First Lady Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon and a long list of notable celebrities and global influencers. Now his collaboration with the cultural icon of permanent markers demonstrates how he creates designs that stand out.

Wu uses Sharpie markers for everything, from sketching and designing patterns to marking garments and writing notes, all the while bringing his creations to life. The designer also uses the markers to uncap the possibilities and change society and the world around him through fashion.

Check out this video to learn how Wu uses Sharpie markers to make his work stand out.

Uncap The Possibilites: Sharpie X Jason Wu