Meet Caleb Gossens, a Senior Industrial Designer at the Newell Brands Design Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan helped bring Calphalon's newest innovation to life.

The Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Cookware — a first‑of‑its‑kind innovation — securely stacks to save 30 percent more space*. The unique design allows for the cookware to stack and nest in any order**, making it easy for home chefs to stack and store the product any way they want.


Meet Our Makers: Caleb Gossens

The concept for space saving cookware came about when Caleb Gossens, an Industrial Designer at our Design Center in Kalamazoo, Michigan, was considering and reviewing previously developed ideas to solve the cookware clutter issue that many consumers face.

“Accessibility and organization are among the biggest pain points you deal with in regards to kitchen storage,” said Caleb. “So how can we make storing and using cookware easier and more intuitive?”


Caleb began brainstorming how he might be able to nest a full line of cookware — not just a couple of pieces — in any order without compromising size or quality. Achieving this goal would maximize space and help organize the cupboard, improving convenience and consumer experience with cookware storage.

Fast forward to October, the Calphalon Premier™ Space Saving Cookware hit the shelves to great success in the consumer market. During the fourth quarter, the line accounted for approximately 15 percent of Calphalon’s Cookware sales, and the 10‑piece set, which includes every individual Space Saving piece, was one of the brand’s best‑selling offerings.

*Average space saved vs. like non‑stacking Calphalon cookware items when stacked with like‑diameter Premier Space Saving items
** Cookware must have same diameter