As a leading consumer products company with manufacturing facilities and distribution centers around the world, employee safety is a top priority. We strive for zero incidents, zero unsafe conditions and zero unsafe behaviors by helping our sites build consistent, reliable safety programs and educating team members on safety policies. Our Global Supply Chain team recently conducted a Hand Safety Awareness campaign to educate, encourage and empower employees across Newell’s facilities globally to take ownership of their safety. The campaign emphasized critical procedures and protocols that protect one of our frontline community’s most important tools - their hands.

Each week of the campaign, our frontline employees received a newsletter highlighting safety success stories from across our supply chain and important information about company protocols put in place to prevent injury. These engaging newsletters - which were printed and posted on our employee mobile app - reiterated the importance of proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and hand placement, detailed what to do in case of an injury, shared methods for improving hand ergonomics and more. At the end of each week, employees tested their knowledge in a short quiz and were entered in a drawing for prizes.

In addition to the weekly newsletters, safety leaders held interactive workshops demonstrating proper hand safety techniques, recognized employees for participating in the campaign and distributed commitment cards, which employees signed to pledge their commitment to prioritizing hand safety and keeping each other accountable. There were also local events and an activity that invited employees to share why hand safety is so important to them.

In addition to the rigorous programs and protocols we’ve implemented as a company, empowering our employees to take ownership of their health and wellbeing allows us to significantly reduce incidents and create a safer and healthier workplace environment for all. We thank our frontline community and safety leaders for participating in the Hand Safety Awareness campaign. Watch the video below to hear from some of our safety leaders about the importance of hand safety!